Saturday 24 June 2017
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Engagement Ring Trends for Winter 2016


Whether you are the one who will be proposing, or you’re the one who will be picking the ring, there are some exciting engagement ring trends happening for winter 2016. It seems now more than ever there are styles that fit all tastes, personalities, and budgets. There are even some unique trends happening in the industry such as the couple being able to make their own artificial diamonds for a unique take on the ring.

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Make Your Own Diamond

If you haven’t heard of this latest trend, it’s time to get on board as this is quickly becoming the “in” thing. Couples are able to make their own artificial diamonds using each other’s very own carbon source. The carbon source can be hair from each other or cremated ashes. It is then used to create an eco-friendly artificial diamond that looks just like the real thing. Your diamond will be completely unique, as no-one else will have the same carbon source. It’s romantic, customized, and eco-friendly, now that’s a great mix!

Using Morganites

Every few years there is a hot new stone that everyone goes wild for, and this winter it looks like morganite is that hot new stone. It’s not “new”, rather it is just enjoying new-found popularity. This stone looks particularly stunning set in rose gold, another huge trend for the winter, and in a vintage setting. It has a pale peach tone to it that is neutral and works on all skin tones.

Halo Rings

Halo rings have been enjoying a surge in popularity over the past year or so thanks to the many celebrities who are sporting them. These are elegant, sophisticated, and timeless. They also tend to be quite eye-catching. They are available in all different sizes so you can pick a small and delicate halo ring, or one that is large and filled with bling.

Rose Gold

If you are the type of bride who likes to be different then rose gold is an absolute must. This color of gold is showing up in jewelry in a big way and compliments all different skin tones. It’s soft and delicate and has a vintage quality to it that brides love.

Pear Shaped Diamonds

It’s hard to believe that the pear-shaped diamond is making such a huge comeback, but that’s exactly the case. A quick look at Pinterest will show you just how many brides are choosing this diamond shape, and how they are putting their own spin on it. If you want to be really trendy, opt for a large pear-shaped diamond if the budget will allow and have it act as a solitaire.

Pick the Trend that Works

While it’s fun to take a look at the latest trends and styles, it’s important you pick the style, setting, and size that works best for your hand and fits your personality. You’ll be wearing the ring long after the trend is over, so you want to be sure it’s one you really love.