Saturday 24 June 2017
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Everything You Need to Know About Microblading Eyebrows

Microblading is a cosmetic procedure in which a specially designed microblading pen is used to draw thin strokes on the skin. Pigment is then used to fill the small incisions in order to mimic the look and shape of naturally thicker eyebrows. The pigment can last up to 12 months, providing a full year of noticeably fuller eyebrows. After the pigment has worn off, your eyebrows will look the same as they did before, making this an easily reversible procedure.

Before Microblading

Before having your eyebrows microbladed, it is essential that you avoid waxing, plucking or tweezing your eyebrows. Your chosen aesthetician will assess your new brow look in terms of your natural arch and brow thickness, so it is important that he or she can see the way your eyebrows look without grooming. Also avoid exfoliating face washes and other abrasive products that contain acidic ingredients for a minimum of three days prior to your microblading procedure. Microblading can lead to skin sensitivity since small incisions are being made in the outer layers of the skin.

Benefits of Microblading

The greatest benefit of microblading is having fuller, thicker looking eyebrows without having to pencil or otherwise fill them in. The shape and thickness of your eyebrows have a dramatic effect on your overall appearance. Thicker eyebrows generally make the face look younger, while thin or over-tweezed eyebrows can make you appear older than you really are. Microblading eyebrows gives the appearance of lush eyebrows for a more youthful look without the effort. This is ideal for anyone who wants a low-maintenance transformation.

After Microblading

After you have had your brows shaped and filled, you should take some steps to promote healing and protect the results of your procedure. Avoid using makeup and skin care products, such as moisturizer, for ten days after your microblading procedure. Microblading eyebrows is generally a low-maintenance procedure, but you should still use care when rinsing the area and always apply the post-care cream given to you by your aesthetician according to his or her instructions. This cream not only helps the treated area heal better, but also improves the overall effectiveness of the treatment.

Post-procedure care is one of the most important aspects of microblading eyebrows effectively. You should avoid tanning or exposure to direct sunlight for approximately two weeks after microblading. Also avoid swimming or sweat-inducing exercise as these could jeopardize the quality of your results. Exposure to sunlight can cause the pigment to fade.

Microblading is an innovative cosmetic procedure that can enhance your natural beauty and change your look instantly. Celebrities such as Lucy Hale and Megan Fox are famous for their thick eyebrows, and this beauty trend shows no sign of losing traction anytime soon. When done by professionals in a sanitary environment, microblading is a safe and comfortable procedure that lasts anywhere from a few months to a year. How you care for your eyebrows after treatment has a significant impact on the longevity of your results.