Saturday 24 June 2017
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Fathers’ day gifts that your dads may actually want

“When a father gives to his son, both laugh;

When a son gives to his father, both cry”

– William Shakespeare

Yes, it’s true! When youwere a little boy, your father felt happy to make you smile with the gifts he brought for you. Fathers are always caring and loving to their children. They never expect anything from their child. Whatever they do is just out of their love and care. They feel happy to see you smile on your special day. They don’t bring any gifts for themselves on any festival but never forget to bring gifts for you. Now,when you are an adult and learned to take the responsibilities of your old parents, it is your turn to make them feel happy on every occasion they celebrate with you.

I have listed some great ideas for Fathers’ Day gifts to show your love and care for him because this is the only thing he loves to have from you. When a father realizes how much his child loves him and do care for his feelings- that is the proudest feeling for him.

Gift him something that he May have Dreamt off

Whether it’s a last-minute idea or a pre-decided plan, gift your dad something that is close to his heart. It can be a complete range of his favourite music, any gadget that he had always dreamed of buying one day but couldn’t etc. The important thing is that you just need to save your dad from having to produce a forced smile on his special day!

Un-fancy food

If your father is a foodie and loves to do experimentswith food and invent new tastes, then you can bring home some new food preparations as gifts for Fathers’ Day. He will definitely get amazed at his dinner. But don’t forget to get sure of the taste of the food prior buying it. Otherwise, you will destroy his mood!

Fun activities

You can arrange tickets to amusement parks to celebrate your fathers’ day to get him into some fun.You can also make some arrangement for participating in some fun games like internet gaming, carom, billiard, etc. if he is a sport-lover!

Throwing a Party

If you want to celebrate this special day with your father and rest of the family, then start the celebration with a spongy and fluffy cake. This will be different from the other times for sure. There are a variety of cakes available online. So, doesn’t matter if it’s a last minute idea, you can easily go through loads of online Fathers’ Day gifts section to finalize an immediate order of cakes and gifts for him.

Who says flowers only enchant Women

Flowers can create a magic on moods. You can gift him a wonderful bouquet of Orchids. You can get a variety of beautiful bouquets of splendid violet or white Orchids in the market. These have marvellous effects on the mood. So, before the cool candlelight dinner, you can offer your father an aromatic flowers bouquet. He will get delighted.


If your father is a gadget-freak, you can definitely buy some new arrivals for him. You just need to find out his requirement. You can gift him a new cell phone, a coffee maker, a digital watch, or a tablet that he would love to have. Don’t put your ears on his words ‘I don’t need anything now’, just go with your choice.

Personalised gifts

Any individualized gifts are sure to say your words to the intended person. You can choose any Fathers’ day personalised gifts like a cushion, a coffee mug, a photo frameor any other gift item that contains some of your past memories with your father. This is sure to bring some happy tears in his eyes.